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Join Us as a Sponsor for Evansville Raptor Con 2024!

Become a vital part of Evansville's largest pop culture and geek convention by joining us as a sponsor. Our sponsorship packages offer a range of opportunities for brand exposure, audience engagement, and meaningful connections with fans and attendees. From online visibility to exclusive VIP experiences, we have options to suit various marketing goals and budgets. If you don't see a package that perfectly fits your needs, we're more than happy to work with you to create a custom sponsorship solution or explore collaborative trade opportunities. Let's make Evansville Raptor Con 2024 an unforgettable event together!


Maximum Coverage Sponsorships:

Celebrity Sponsor Package - $3,000

  • Celebrity Engagement: Your logo will be displayed during celebrity autograph sessions and photo ops, associating your brand with high-profile guests.

  • Prominent Mention: Your company will be mentioned in all celebrity guest announcements and promotions.

  • VIP Experience: Includes 4 VIP tickets, providing access to exclusive areas and events.

  • Gift Bag Inclusion: Opportunity to include promotional items in celebrity gift bags.

  • Targeted Social Media: Shoutouts on social media featuring the sponsored celebrity, targeting their fanbase.

Game Room Sponsor Package - $1,000

  • Naming Rights: The game room will be branded with your company's name (e.g., "XYZ Company Game Room"), making it a focal point for gaming enthusiasts.

  • Branding Opportunities: Your logo will be prominently displayed within the game room.

  • Product Showcase: Opportunity to provide branded gaming equipment or decorations for an interactive brand experience.

  • Social Media Focus: Dedicated shoutouts on social media featuring the game room, highlighting your sponsorship.

  • Event Access: 6 general admission tickets to the event.

Main Panel Room Sponsor Package - $1,500

  • Exclusive Naming Rights: Gain naming rights to the Main Panel Room, a central hub for key discussions and presentations.

  • Stage Presence: Your logo will be featured on the main panel room stage, ensuring high visibility.

  • Speaking Opportunity: Opportunity to introduce panels or have a representative speak briefly before panels, directly engaging with the audience.

  • VIP Access: Includes 6 VIP tickets, offering a premium experience for your team or clients.

  • Social Media Spotlight: Dedicated shoutouts on social media featuring the main panel room, emphasizing your key sponsorship role.


Panel Room A & B Sponsor Packages - $950 each

  • Dedicated Naming Rights: Each panel room (A or B) will bear your company's name, establishing a strong presence.

  • Branding Integration: Your logo will be displayed at the entrance of the chosen panel room.

  • Engagement Opportunities: Opportunity to introduce panels in your sponsored room, connecting directly with attendees.

  • VIP Tickets: Includes 4 VIP tickets for each package, enhancing the experience for your representatives or guests.

Basic Packages:

Bronze Package - $250

  • Online Visibility: Your company logo will be featured on the official event website, providing digital exposure with links to your website.

  • Social Media Recognition: A shoutout on our social media platforms, reaching our engaged audience.

  • Event Access: Receive 2 general admission tickets to the event for your team or clients.


Silver Package - $500

  • Enhanced Branding: In addition to Bronze benefits, your company name will be listed on select event banners, increasing your brand's visibility at the event.

  • Additional Tickets: 4 general admission tickets to the event, plus all items from Bronze Package


Gold Package - $1,000

  • Maximum Exposure: Your company logo will be included in the event program, providing a tangible connection with attendees.

  • Vendor Opportunity: Includes a vendor booth space to showcase your products or services.

  • More Tickets: 6 general admission tickets to the event, plus all items from above two basic packages.

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